Innovation in Education: Where is the Balance?

George Couros said it best: “Innovation is not about the “Stuff”, but about a way of thinking.” Education is caught up in technological gadgets that will somehow increase academic rigor and student achievement. There is little to no evidence that technology alone will increase student success. Many tech companies involved in education will rave aboutContinue reading “Innovation in Education: Where is the Balance?”

Being A Trailblazer: Part II

As we press on through the 21st century, it is apparent that students graduating from college are having difficulty landing jobs at an alarming rate. Graduates believe they will stride into a new position with a potential for growth and lucrative salary.  Little do they know that major road blocks are not far away. TheContinue reading “Being A Trailblazer: Part II”

Be A Trailblazer

We all get stuck in routines.  The brain likes when everything is predictable.  However, I will argue that in the teaching profession, being flexible and willing to try new routines is what keeps teachers effective, engaging, and least likely to burn out. Teachers are incredibly hardworking.  They face mountains of pressure to reach all students.Continue reading “Be A Trailblazer”